Vigro Deep

Sparapara (Feat. Focalistic, Ch'cco & M.J)

Catalogue nºRINSE165
Release date23/05/2024

Following on from the recent release of ‘Kick Drum’, Vigro Deep now unveils the second serving from his forthcoming EP ‘Pretoria Mob Ties’, through the pulsating single ‘Sparapara (feat. Focalistic, Ch’cco, M.J).’ Within the track, Vigro Deep masterfully welds together an infectious bassline with chanting vocals from Amapiano heavy-hitters Focalistic, Ch’cco and M.J, creating a warm and hypnotic soundscape. Vigro’s prowess at creating an enriched sound-garden with multiple contributing elements is undoubtedly what makes him one of the figureheads for a scene that adorns him, and within which he adorns. ‘Sparapara’ is another insight for what's to come off Vigro Deep’s forthcoming EP, the anticipation for which is heightened through this release.

  • Sparapara

South Africa by way of the Rinse studio, Vigro Deep supplies the best in Amapiano.