Hailing from Poland, Satl emerges as a prominent figure in the vanguard of a new wave of Drum & Bass producers. With a production career spanning over a decade, his musical oeuvre bears the mark of refinement and depth that belies his age.

Satl’s distinctive sound, characterized by a fusion of diverse influences, can be aptly characterized as hazy cosmic soul accompanied by commanding, rolling drums. His unrelenting pursuit of excellence propels him to remarkable productivity, consistently producing dozens of tracks each month.

Unsurprisingly, his music has garnered substantial backing from the most influential DJs within the scene and has led to work with esteemed labels such as The North Quarter and Integral. Notably prolific both in the studio and behind the decks, Satl’s DJ sets are distinguished by a preponderance of his own creations, rendering them unique and highly coveted showcases.

The melancholic yet energetically soulful nature of his musical amalgam has transported him across the globe, gracing venues from London to Hong Kong and Sydney. Despite these accomplishments, Satl’s artistic journey is merely in its nascent stage, promising continued evolution and innovation.

The North Quarter

A monthly showcase of soulful Drum & Bass from Amsterdam-based label The North Quarter.