I found myself in the UK for longer than expected. Had the honour and pleasure of becoming aquainted with Ben Gardner aka Benny Ill recently - notorious of course for Horsepower Productions - but also turns out is the man behind countless old UK experimental/techno aliases including "Alien Jazz Quartet, Oligo, . Ben kindly allowed me to explore through part of his collection. It's very rare for one to have the privilege, the trust, and also time to properly listen, and go through the collection of a true UK underground purveyor and pioneer. Managed to fit some of the records in the first half of my new mix. Thank you so much Ben. Second half is a mix from a dear friend, Egyptian born, Bali-based artists Mehdi M. I was recently in Bali and we made an EP together - great selector with a fresh original style and somebody to keep an eye on for the future. Happy to put together such a rich episode. Hope you enjoy.

Reset Your Brain with Bruno Schmidt

RESET MY BRAIN with Bruno Schmidt. Sounds from the past, present and future.