with Genetics


Genetics stands as a luminary force within the drum and bass universe, an
artist whose sonic prowess transcends boundaries. With a rhythmic finesse
and a penchant for pushing sonic frontiers, Genetics has carved an
indelible mark in the world of electronic music.
Their journey to prominence accelerated with releases on the iconic
platform Liquicity, a testament to Genetics' ability to captivate audiences
with tracks that pulse with an infectious energy. Collaborations with some of
the industry's top artists have further solidified Genetics' position as a
visionary. Their partnerships with acclaimed names have not only elevated
their own sound but have also left an indelible mark on the drum and bass
From intimate gatherings to colossal festival stages, Genetics'
performances are immersive odysseys, blending sonic innovation with
magnetic stage presence, leaving audiences spellbound.
Fueled by an unyielding passion for sonic exploration and an unwavering
dedication to the craft, Genetics continues to push the boundaries of drum
and bass, captivating listeners worldwide and etching a legacy as a
visionary in electronic music.

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