Mystic State

with Synkro


Highlights from some of our favourite music in 2023 and showcasing a heap of new tunes forthcoming in 2024. First appearing as a dubstep and garage producer during the late-2000s, Manchester-based artist Synkro (Joe McBride) gradually evolved his sound into a melancholy, atmospheric mixture of drum'n'bass, ambient, and IDM. Throughout the 2010s, Synkro released several EPs and full-lengths through R&S sublabel Apollo, from the wistful downtempo EP Broken Promise (2012) to the ambient/new wave hybrid Images (2019), in addition to collaborations with ASC, Arovane, and Indigo (his partner in the Akkord project).

Synkro initially emerged as part of the late-2000s dubstep scene, releasing dozens of 12"s on labels like Smokin' Sessions and Dubbed Out. His booming, bass-heavy tracks like "Jah Love" update dub reggae for the post-Digital Mystikz era, while "Don't Know" and "Closer" are moody and melancholy, with swinging U.K. garage rhythms and Burial-like vocal sample manipulation. He first began collaborating with Indigo (Liam Blackburn) in 2009, releasing joint 12"s on labels such as On the Edge and Mindset. In 2010, Synkro began producing atmospheric drum'n'bass similar to artists such as dBridge and Instra:mental, beginning with "Letting Go" on Blackout Music. Released in 2011, the Stop & Think EP incorporated more of a deep house sound, while other productions reflected his ambient and IDM influences, with intricately programmed beats and fragile, wistful melodies. Following records on Box Clever and Pushing Red, Synkro collaborated with similarly minded producer ASC in 2012, issuing the "Borderline" 12" on Auxiliary.

Drum & Bass / Electronic Music show with Mike & Will.