For this month’s Spotlight Guest Mix Feature, we have an Artist who, for me is intrinsically conscious of the elements that bring together the true workings of Liquid Funk. His music style and angle of production is what I described as, acoustically organic. I was over the moon and the stars when he accepted the invitation to perform an exclusive mix for my show, and let me tell you this! You are in for a Liquid Funk Delight , We roll out the Liquid Heaven Red Carpet for the one , the only Toez More about the show… While the world of Drum n Bass tries to come to terms with the passing and loss of our Beloved Brother MC Conrad , we take the time to celebrate his life, talent, contribution, personality and of course, his music.

Liquid Heaven with Chris Intaface

Chris Intaface’s introduction to radio presenting and DJing started in 1983 , and some may find it difficult to comprehend that his journey as a Presenter and DJ commenced at the mere age of 11 years old.