The spot light guest mix feature keeps on giving and tonight we have a real special one for you !

Our Spotlight Guest mix feature isn’t just about showcasing the elite and top- draw of drum n bass , it’s also about inviting unsung heroes and DnB soldiers making waves in their own right , as well as giving opportunities to new talent ,

and tonight , we go across the Pacific Ocean to East Asia, in particular to Tokyo Japan , to welcome a man who has been working the circuit on his side of the world.

He has laid down a classic liquid funk mix for us tonight and we are so excited to give him the platform

Tonight we roll out the Liquid Heaven Red Carpet for Shintaro Yokota

Liquid Heaven with Chris Intaface

Chris Intaface’s introduction to radio presenting and DJing started in 1983 , and some may find it difficult to comprehend that his journey as a Presenter and DJ commenced at the mere age of 11 years old.