presents Sofy Suars: Negraconda & PV5000


Sofia Suarez (she/they) aka @sofysuars is a multidisciplinary creator who coexists between sound and visual imaginaries. Bolivian born and Barcelona based, she is part of the creative scene producing and directing cultural projects. Her sound is expansive, marked by an energy where the body is very present.

She generates languages that go through emotional movements, origins and intimacy. Her artistic expression is involved in her critical thinking focused on the defense of human rights, mainly the fight for dissident identities.


Pétrus Vargas (he) aka @pv5000 is a DJ, music producer, cultural agitator and has been working in the field of music for 10 years in Porto Alegre (Brazil). He founded Coletivo T and Boiler Baile party. His research process is Brazilian popular music, always bringing sounds and samples from his territory. He has extensive experience in curating funk and mixing it with other electronic genres. His sound is generally dirty, with acidic timbres and the bass always as main character. Under his trans experience, he likes to generate sensations that hit "like testosterone in blood."


Hannya Danielle Torres (she) aka @negraconda is a multidisciplinary artist specialized in performance and performing arts, DJ and producer. Trailblazer in the ballroom community in Guadalajara (Mexico), she is a trans woman, brown, from the neighborhood, activist for the rights of trans people and dissidents. She is a reference in the history of resistance in her country.

Her sound has a lot of presence and sensitivity, perfectly representing her feelings and experiences as an icon of the Mexican art scene.

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