presents Baile Room (Kingdom, DANV, Kramer)


With the proposal of connecting its audience to new sounds, Baile Room has been mobilizing and stimulating local culture in the city of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), a movement made up of independent artists who seek to study and expand " The Favelas' Electronic Music."

Currently, "Baile Room" is part of Belo Horizonte's underground nightlife circuit. The movement occurs frequently in the city's downtown area. The collective has journeyed a long way to become a reference in the nights of the capital of Minas Gerais, opening up the possibilities came from the vision of four DJs (Vhoor, Dj Kingdom, D.A.N.V & Kramer) who were confident of their power as artists on the dancefloor.

On April 27- 2018, the year the Baile Room was launched at the Emme Lounge club. Our dream was to create a scene that celebrated black music culture and all the possibilities it has to offer as entertainment. The Baile Room started out with the intention of creating and opening up space for new artists with personality and identity, and bringing new airs and their unique personality to the scene in our city & our country.

Jyoty Singh AKA Your Real Life Music Filter. Catch Jyoty live every Thursday 3-5PM. Amsterdam via London. Beats and Love.