Josi Devil

with Rizla Ops


Rizla Ops is a DJ and producer based in London. Experimenting with club fuelled, off kilter bass music, the emerging artist has releases on Voitax, Nostro Hood System, More Cowbell, Classical Trax, Gimme a Break and Basilica. Pushing for sonic experimentation on the dancefloor, the Rizla Ops sound is always in flux but can be broadly pinned to an emphasis on percussion, groove and texture.

‘I enjoy challenging and subverting people’s conception of genre but in a way that isn’t abrasive and organically leads listeners into new environments of groove, rhythm and emotion. Way too often dance music exists to cater to one specific dancefloor. Those kinda monocultures have their place, and are a crucial building block of community, but my favourite dancefloors are the ones that create a real sense of risk. For me, the things that push scenes forward are discovery, diversity and experimentation.’

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