Ishmael Ensemble

with Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin


Pete from Ishmael Ensemble is joined by Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin to discuss their new album Archetype, a beautiful combination of their journeys in Jazz & Electronic music.

Archetype’ is an exorcism of South London’s underground spirit. It’s a sound world which draws on its ancestral echoes as equally as it captures the pulse of a city on the edge of evolution. The twelve-track collaborative record is the product of two magnetised forces who should almost repel: producer, composer and keyboard player Joe Armon- Jones, and producer / DJ Maxwell Owin. At the fore of the scene south of the river, they draw on different instincts, different disciplines, different strengths - and converge them to make something which is both challenging and startlingly fresh.

Pete Cunningham of Ishmael Ensemble invites guests from the world of Jazz & alternative electronic music to discuss their process & share their influences.