Ila Brugal

with Niknak


NikNak, a trailblazing artist with a diverse repertoire, has mesmerised audiences globally through her experimental albums, remixes, and captivating performances. As the first Black Turntablist to win the esteemed Oram Award in 2020, she continues to innovate across multiple genres and music platforms/roles. With numerous releases, collaborations, and live concerts, NikNak's dynamic persona shines in the world of music composition, sound design, DJing, and electronic musical artistry. Recognised by various publications as an artist to watch, she consistently delivers groundbreaking sonic experiences through improvised techniques in turntablism, spatial electronic music production and performance.

Each of Ila’s radio shows navigate the fringes of electronic music, showcasing the best UK dance has to offer. Ranging from bass heavy cuts, dark UK Techno, 140, Footwork and everything in between.