• Van McCoy
    Jet Setting
  • Inner City Express
    Shu' Dig Dancin' (In My Hi-Heeled Shoes)
  • Dynasty
    Do Me Right
  • The Emotions
    Love Vibes
  • Linda Clifford
    I Just Wanna Wanna
  • The Trammps
    Trusting Heart
  • The Sylvers
    Handle It
  • Harari
  • Şenay
    Honki Ponki
  • The Gospel According To Luke & James
  • The Followers Of Christ
    I Get Happy
  • The Twenty-First Century Singers
    I Want To Be Ready
  • Gloria Gaynor
    Can't Fight The Feelin'
  • Don Ray
    Garden Of Love
  • Rufus & Chaka Khan
    Live In Me
  • King Errisson
    The Magic Man
  • 2 2-Steppers At 2
  • Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis
    To Make You Love Me
  • Phyllis Hyman
    We Should Be Lovers
  • Wally Badarou
    Endless Race
  • Cosmic
    Cosmic Message
  • M
    Woman Make Man
  • John Ozila
    Funky Boogie
  • Fad Gadget
    Coitus Interruptus
  • Herbie Hancock
    Don't Hold It In
  • Can
    I Want More
  • Gaz Nevada
    Special Agent Man
  • Crystalite
    Cut By A Laser
  • Lola
    Wax The Van
  • Rita Lee E Roberto
  • Sapphire
    Stay With Me
  • Giorgio Moroder Moroder
    If You Weren't Afraid
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Horse Meat Disco

Everyone’s favourite disco collective and “Queer party for everyone”, the Horse Meat Disco train rolls across our airwaves to get you moving.