DJ Fuckoff

invites Hello Sasy


Meet Hello Sasy, a DJ hailing from Barcelona and

currently based in Berlin. With a unique sound that

defies genre boundaries, Hello Sasy's selection is 100%

focused on the dancefloor, featuring hard-hitting selec-

tions of powerful bass-driven and techno-influenced

beats, combined with warm sounds that bridge her two

cities and sensual vocals that hypnotize the crowd.

Some of the venues where the artist has played during

her career are Razzmatazz, Apolo, Oxi Club, Pacha Ibiza

or in radio stations such as Refugee Worldwide Radio,

Movement Athens or Dublab.

As a resident of the Mitmischen Berlin collective, Hello

Sasy's main goal is to create an immersive and unforge-

ttable dancefloor experience, breaking the stereotype

that electronic music is enjoyed in an individualistic way.

Whether you're a seasoned club-goer or a newcomer to

the scene, one thing is for certain: Sasy's set is guaran-

teed to make you dance and sweat. With her dynamic

and emotive sets, she takes her crowd on a journey,

that's not to be missed..

From dirty bass to dusty breaks, DJ Fuckoff will be exploring the sounds of the past, present and future. Expect fast & fun, to slow & sexy, displaying a wide range of electronic & underground gems.