Cosmic Neman

Les Témoins du Futur


I won't play a Sonic Youth song even if my shirt says so, but a lot of different kinds of music like i always do, with a special focus on some new french releases as usual, like Pierre Ponge on BoomBoomtchak records, the great new Il est Vilaine single "Blue Menthol", but also foreign new releases like the new italo disco remix from the adriatic coast by Cosmo Dance, or the new project of Jay Glass dubs, Wild Terrier Orchestra. Also, a little wink to Dvno playing Love$ick feat A$AP Rocky by Mura Masa and making all the crowd happy at Hotdogger Suf Festival last friday in Biarritz, and many other things! ENJOY!

Les Témoins du Futur est le projet de Cosmic Neman, batteur du groupe mythique Herman Düne et moitié du groupe Zombie Zombie, duo krautrock.