After 15 years of collecting records, frequenting discotheques and studying the craft of the DJ, Bobby. has reached a point where he feels confident to present his findings.

In recent years he has worked hard to refine his eclectic taste into one cohesive offering. Since 2019 his residency at London’s legendary nightclub Fabric has been pivotal in this growth, playing across all three rooms at different times and playing alongside some of the best DJs in the scene.

Traversing styles and times, he brings the audience into his world for a personal and intimate journey through electronic music. One which takes them to every corner of his collection and reveals the hidden emotions and energies which are connected to each selection.

As curator of his label & soiree Pleasure Club he has released a string of critically acclaimed records, as well as several well received solo releases and remixes by himself across his own label and Cabaret Recordings.

Never following trends and forever in his own lane, the dance floor experience is always unique with Bobby.

Join BOBBY. for a journey into electronic music from the past, present and future.