invite Lora Mipsum


Happy to welcome @loramipsum as my new guest ♡ "This was the first mix I did after travelling around Australia and Indonesia for 3 months. This mix represents the friendships I made over there and the inspiration I gained from being surrounded by so much talent. I didn’t take my records with me, so this is a full vinyl mix of some of my favourite progressive house and trance records inspired by journeys, friendships and gratitude. Thank you to everyone I met that made me feel so at home and to all the promoters that trusted me on their line-ups."

Dans la mouvance d’une jeune génération de DJs, inspirée par l’hybridation des genres et des époques de la rave, Bambi s’est forgée une solide réputation sur la scène française grâce à des sets nuancés et cosmiques teintés de sonorités techno, house, breaks et trance.