Anna Wall

Best of 2023

For her final show of the year Anna Wall rounds up her favourites of 2023, from artists and labels that she’s been digging over the past year. Including music by Willow, Harry McCanna, Otis, Reeshy, Bobby O’Donnell, Voigtmann, Pily, Two Phase U, Alejo, Mariiin, LVCA, John Dimas, ADI, Miles Mercer and many more. Big love to everyone who’s sent me music over the past year, those that have tuned in, and big love to my Rinse FM family always and forever. Have a great end to the year.

With an eclectic, club-focused palette, fabric resident Anna Wall delves into her record collection presenting her musical influences past and present, welding UKG to 90s house, ambient to hip-hop.