with Victoria


Bass queen, It girl, sex symbol— Victoria’s pulsating energy is set to engulf you and entice you into joining her saucy, cheeky, y2k techno cult. Victoria’s witty persona has always yearned to embody a sense of freedom and fluidity, a desire that emerged at a young age. Skating, playing rock riffs on her bass, and indulging in every party experience became the building blocks of her early years. Music served as her excuse to skip school, leading her to form seve- ral bands in her youth. As rebellion never fades, these youthful indiscretions swi- ftly transformed into her profession and life’s journey as a full-time musician. Transitioning from the realm of live rock music to the techno scenes of Milan and Berlin, Victoria discovered an inherent connection between the groove of her bass and the kick drums of the clubs. Her main influences trace back to the ‘90s, journeying through bouncy techno to culminate in baile funk. She blends these influences with the sassiness and aesthetic of the early 2000s, creating a fusion that translates into a sweaty and hyper-energetic clubbing experience.

High NRG Techno, Breakcore, and experimental 4x4. All things dark and ravey from AK Sports.